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All Cheshire Image Clinic nurses are committed to achieving the highest possible standards in their work by undertaking continual local and international training, as well as regularly attending specialist workshops and seminars.

Our nurses are all experts in acne diagnosis and management, whilst also providing the latest minor surgical techniques in removal of warts, keratosis and other skin lesions.

Our nurses aim to enhance their patient’s features through the art and science of aesthetic medicine, and help them achieve realistic, natural results. They have a wealth of aesthetic experience and knowledge which is constantly updated to provide their patients with an individual care package designed specifically to meet their needs.

Michelle Irving


Michelle, Clinic Owner and Director, qualified as a Registered General Nurse in 1975. After initially specialising in surgical care she went on to work as both a district and subsequently a practice nurse. 

She established The Cheshire Image Clinic in 1989, and has always been passionate about delivering a service of exceptional quality Michelle was a founder member of the first national network of aesthetic nurses and is one of only two nurses voted twice by her peers onto its Steering Committee. Michelle is also an Honorary Member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN).

As part of that committee she was instrumental in producing an unprecedented document – the only set of written aesthetic competencies, and assessment tools available in 2007 for all health professionals undertaking non-surgical treatments. This is being updated now by a small team of nurses including Michelle, and will be published very shortly.

Michelle is qualified as an Independent Nurse Prescriber, which has enabled her to further enhance her skills and knowledge in the aesthetic speciality. Michelle is passionate about improving skin health using appropriate evidence based methods and enabling patients to decide priority treatments.

In November 2006 Michelle gained over 90% marks in the examination set by Allergan for the Botox® Validation Certificate.

Michelle believes that knowledge of anatomy leads to safety and expertise in diagnosis and treatment.
Together with six other nurses and the University of Greenwich, Michelle worked on the curriculum development training needs for the first recognised diploma in medical aesthetics. This began in February 2008, and is delivered in modules. The course is currently available to doctors, dentists and nurses, in order to prove competency in all areas of medical aesthetics.

As Michelle is the Clinic Director for The Cheshire Image Clinic, she is ultimately responsible for the Continued Professional development of all her nursing and ancillary staff. She sees this role as an on-going challenge, and consequently seeks the most advanced anti-ageing conferences and courses for attendance.

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Janine Ogden


Janine is a Registered nurse, who has worked tirelessly for The Cheshire Image Clinic, since 2001. She is a full time member of our team who is passionate about delivering a first class service tailor made to suit the needs of each individual patient.

She initially developed an interest in day surgery and the care of post-operative patients, during her nurse training, and has since gained further experience by guiding and supporting patients through every step of their Cheshire Image Clinic surgical experience. 

Janine finds that the most rewarding aspect of her profession is helping patients decide on the most appropriate form of treatment for them, and as The Cheshire Image Clinic provides all the varied procedures of cosmetic surgery, she can support them through every stage, from Botox® to Face Lift or Breast Enhancement. 

Janine is constantly impressed by the tremendous support that she and the rest of the Cheshire Image Clinic team receive from Allergan, the manufacturers of Botox®
In August 2007 Janine gained over 90% marks in the examination set by Allergan for the Botox® Validation Certificate.
Janine qualified as an Independent / Supplementary nurse Prescriber in 2011, placing her among a small group of elite aesthetic nurses who hold this prestigious qualification.

Janine continues to up-date her aesthetic skills and is constantly involved in training. She uses reflective practice to further benefit positive patient experiences, and receives a steady stream of positive comments from happy, satisfied patients.

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Kim Smith


Kim qualified as a Registered General nurse in 1982 and since gained status as a midwife.

She worked for some time as a medical representative for a major pharmaceutical company and was also a nursing home manager in the private sector.

Kim joined The Cheshire Image Clinic team in 2001 and loves working in the aesthetic speciality, which is constantly moving forward. She adores meeting a patient for the first time and working with them to make the subtle changes that will give them more confidence and allow them to feel better about themselves. Kim has a natural gift of building close rapport with people, and uses her skills in consultation to provide patient understanding and confidence.

In November 2006 Kim gained over 90% marks in the examination set by Allergan for the Botox® Validation Certificate. And two years later, in July 2008, Kim qualified as an Independent Nurse Prescriber, placing her among a small group of elite aesthetic nurses who hold this prestigious qualification.

She keeps up to date with current “best practice” by attending aesthetic conferences worldwide, reading, writing reflective diaries and studying with other Cheshire Image Clinic team members.

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