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Our ethos is honest advice, realistic expectations, safe practice and affordable prices. We have a  transparent pricing structure, but the price is determined by your treatment. We appreciate that understanding the pricing is an important consideration but we would urge you to speak to us so we explain what is involved.

When comparing prices with other clinics please ensure you understand what is involved. Unlike other clinics, there are no nasty surprises with our pricing.

The following prices are provided as a guideline only. The price of your treatment will be entirely dependent on the mutually agreed course of action. Exact prices will only be given at the time of consultation.

Please note that the definition of “one area” can differ greatly both between individual patients and individual practitioners. Patients are encouraged to remember that areas treatable as well as exact costs can only be given during a consultation. Practitioners will always treat holistically to achieve a realistic and natural result, and therefore single areas may include different parts of the face.

Dermal Fillers *

*As with our other treatments, the exact cost can only be determined at a consultation appointment. 

Prices are dependent on various factors – including, but not limited to, the type of product used and the amount of product used.

*Bespoke treatment plans vary in product combination and time frame.

Skin condition is influenced by unique variables such as age; skin type; medical health and genetic predisposition – your practitioner will develop a bespoke treatment plan, tailored to your individual needs.

Skin health is also affected by environmental factors; disease and diet. Bespoke treatment courses can include a combination of treatment options, home care products and medication.

Common skin concerns include:

  • Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Pigmentation

Minor Surgery 

  • Minor lesion removals (e.g. milia, skin tag and wart removals) start from 50.
  • Larger lesion removals (e.g. such as a mole, polyp, sebaceous cyst,) start from 150 (up to approximately 350) and may include Histology Testing.

Other Treatments

  • IPL HR: from £50 per area
  • IPL PR – from £50 per area
  • Chemical Peel – from £300 – £500 (this includes home care products)